OneCo acquires Relacom

The Swedish Competition Authority has now given its approval and on 30/12 Relacom AB was acquired by the OneCo Group. Relacom AB will continue to operate as a separate company.
In connection with the acquisition, a number of holding companies in Relacom's old group structure have been shut down. This is not something that has any impact on Relacom AB.
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Reliable and competent

Relacom's keywords are Reliable and Competent. You can always rely on us and the quality of the work we perform!


Broadband for everyone

Relacom works actively with the expansion of the broadband network in new housing and geographical  areas as well as performing additions and maintenance in existing areas.

Charge electric vehicles safely

We know how to install safe and efficient charging boxes for electric vehicles and chargeable hybrids. For everything from individual private customers to large parking garages.

About Relacom

Relacom works with integrated technology services within communication, energy and IT. We connect everything from cities to remote areas of the country with high-speed broadband. We maintain and build mobile networks. We connect intelligent energy equipment and install and manage electric car charging stations. And we make sure that there are mobile and WiFi connections wherever needed. We connect the future!
Relacom Group is owned by Nordea and DNB and operates in Sweden and Finland, with partners in Norway, Denmark and other countries. In total, Relacom has roughly 1,100 employees at 145 locations. 

Our technology areas

Relacom’s core business is fiber network, mobile network, energy and IT - with a unique competence to integrate them.



With roots in the Nordic telecommunications network, Relacom has for many years built up and developed expertise in telecommunications. Whether it concerns public mobile networks, indoor mobile telephony, new installation and maintenance of fiber networks, wire-based and wireless real estate networks, blue light networks or radio links, we have the knowledge and experience required to create the best possible solutions.



Relacom installs and maintains devices and products that are found everywhere in society and make everyday life easier, including intelligent sensors in stores, wireless networks in workplaces, payment systems in public transport and future waste sorting. We also work with IT support for our customers.


Electricity and energy

Relacom is an important participant in building up the modern network of the future with technology solutions that streamline the entire chain from electricity producer to consumer. We ensure the correct function and communication of all types of meters that control electricity and heating, and also take responsibility for remote reading, measurement, data collection and validation of the data collected from meters. We offer smart, safe and future-proof electric car chargers.